Homeopathica strives to deliver the best that a line can,

not only in the quality of products but in the quality of service.

With Homeopathica we want our clients served to the best of our abilities, we seek to provide a line that is incomparable to anything else on the market and with our loyalty and dedication to our clients we only ask the same in return, we require that our wholesalers order $2,000 yearly no exception. For NEW wholesalers the first year if the quota of $2,000 isn't met all orders of that year will be charged the retail difference NO EXCEPTION.

 For our already standing wholesalers, if the quota isn't met, the wholesale discount will start to decrease based on that year's total purchase, but with Homeopathica we work with our clients, walking with you each step of the way.

If you wish to take the Holistica Journey and have any questions on our wholesaler's Policies & Requirements, please feel free to call us and we make it a habit to explain in full detail over each phone call. We leave the complexity to the formulas and keep the policies and requirments simple.

For more Information 

Ask For Avra Amar Filion 

Phone: 705-466-5700


All Holistica products contain:

We're Doing Our Part
We're helping to reduce needless waste.
The Quantum-Couple. An amazing book on relationships.

Did you know?
Up to 60 percent of what goes onto our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.
We are Canada's number one premier Natural Skin Care line.
We care for your Beauty, your Health and your Happiness.

We distribute our line to hand selected spas + salons around Canada. Our website provides you with the information you need to find the perfect Beauty regimen, that you may find at a location listed in "Store Locator" page.

Thank you for your support of the Holistica Skin Care Beauty Line.

- Holistica Concierge


Interested in offering the Holistica Beauty line in your spa?

Till June 2014 sale: Minimum opening order only $1,200!! (before tax)

+ at your location Complete training FREE!! (Restricted to Ontario spas)

Toll Free Line: 1-800-443-9902   E-mail:

Phone: 705.466.5700   Fax: 705.466.5701

Wholesalers are required to purchase $2,000 yearly to remain eligible for wholesale discount. Without exception.

Return Policy: Holistica does not except returns or exchanges or refunds after 7 days!

We are proud to be the pioneers of a Holistic approach to maintain + preserve your skin, with unique technology formulas and processes never before achieved.

Manufacturing, producing + delivering the ultimate NATURAL SKIN NUTRITION at your door. The goodness of nature from the Earth to your Skin.

Once you experience the remarkable, astonishing, immediate + permanent results from the delicious aromas + delicate velvety feel of the numerous formulas specifically designed for the many different skin ages + needs.. We are positive you'll never look back.

Your success is our success

With more than six decades of Research + Development we are the leading natural professional line to meet all your needs, we rest on the history of the clinical results + documented testimonials of satisfied clients. With over 85% of successful immediate results, and less than 1% return we are honored, to offer a superior product with; unparallel expertise in this noble field pushing science to the new century this topical delivery system deals with multiple skin challenges.

RETURN POLICY: See current Price List for restrictions. Re-stocking will apply. 

"Your success LOOKS good on us."

"It has been for 60 years our mission to serve you and be a part of your triumph."


THE "A - B - C" OF SKIN CARE - Advanced Beauty Care

Accelerate Rejuvenation

Banish Deep and Fine Lines

Control Rosacea & Acne

Minimize Pores and Age Spots, Experience unparalleled results with Advanced Beauty Care, Reduce Lines, Improve Circulation, Improve Texture, Tonicity, Elasticity & Moisture, Diminish Scars, Pigment, Liver Stains, Prepare, Restore, Regenerate Pre-Post Surgery. Offering a product for every need + every unique skin type. Cleansers, Toners, Days & Nights, Cream-Gel &Powder Masks, Eye Care, Exfoliators, Hair & Lip & Bath Care, Cellulite & Stretch Mark & Body Contouring products, Anti-Aging Peels, Moisturizers, Zit Zapper Products, Sun Care, Massage Creams & Oils, Anti-Aging Foundation Make-Up, Skin Lighteners, Detox Treatments + more.

Product Philosophy

Like snow flakes, every individual skin is unique unto itself and is in a constant state of change. An excellent natural product line MUST be flexible and active enough to address a multitude of non-medical topical conditions.

The human skin has great difficulty in or may not be able to metabolize synthetic ingredients. Therefore the product line MUST be formulated with natural ingredients only. The product line must be designed to stimulate the body to reverse and repair damage created though lack of proper care and/or abuse.

Holistica products are formulated with the highest quality natural extracts, enzymes, vitamins and substances derived from flora, plants, fish, minerals as well as trace elements, essential oils, aromatherapy oils and homeopathic substances.

By blending the above ingredients in their proper proportions and combinations we have created products which are: Activating, anti-aging, oxygenating, regenerating, rejuvenating, repairing, nourishing, balancing, encourage healthy skin cell reproduction, exfoliating, pH balancing, hypo-allergenic, protect and revitalize the cell coating membrane, encourage blood circulation, detoxifying and MOST important of all.. consistently produce real, cumulative, beneficial, long lasting and visible results.

Holistic products will vary in color, texture and aroma from batch to batch. These variations do not in any way change or interfere with the quality or performance of the product. If anything, these variations in color and aroma guarantee that the product is indeed natural.

We do not use Alpha Hydroxy or Glycolic Acid.

We do not believe in Animal Cruelty or/and Animal Testing.

The Quantum-Couple

"This book changed my marriage and my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Amy Weston NYC.

"I lend this book to people I love, because I know it will help them as it has me. and thats the best possible gift I can give them" - Paul L. Texas.

This book has changed the lives of so many people. It will help you find the answers to your souls questions and get you on the path to your best possible life.

Isnt it time you have the life you've always wanted?

Special: ONLY $ 25.00 Taxes and Shipping included!

At the heart of Holistica's philosophy is ensuring the needs of the customer are met. Our aims are to utilize innovation, excellence and perseverance to not only know what you want and need, but also to make that vision a reality. Nothing is more important to us than these goals. 




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"No One Respects Your Natural Beauty More"

 Toll Free Line: 1-800-443-9902




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